Fuck You, Pay Me

Jul 28, 2023 | Blog, Clients

I’ve gone back and forth about posting this. It may be seen as unprofessional. It may be seen as awesome. Some may see it as an unnecessary airing of my dirty laundry. I don’t know…but I’m going for it.

I’ve been a solopreneur for 7 years, helping to support my family and 3 children. It’s my livelihood. I’ve been fortunate to work with so many amazing clients – more than I can count. And they’ve stuck with me through life’s ups and downs, as there’s bound to be some in 7 years, right?

Well, about 18 months ago, I started working with a business out of Parker, Colorado. The working relationship was great, they seemed to enjoy working with me and were happy with the work I produced. 6 months passed and they started ghosting on invoices but continued to ask for more work. I usually like to give my clients the benefit of the doubt and let the past-due invoices go for a couple of months, especially since they made promises of payment. “Great, maybe the invoices are getting lost between marketing and AP. Maybe their process just takes a long time.”

Fast forward to today. That client, Ssun Health, has been sent to and dodged collections since December. I guess my reason for posting this is to let other creatives know that they need to stand up for themselves and value their work. Just because you’re in the creative industry doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be paid.

As a business of one person (me), my income is how I support my family. While that $3,000+ that Ssun Health owes me would go a long way in making sure my kids have what they need, I guess my hope in posting this is that other creatives and solopreneurs take a stand and demand value in the amazing work you do.