Graphic Design & Website Design Common Myths and Misconceptions

Feb 17, 2021 | Graphic Design, Logos & Branding, Website Design

Over the last few months, I’ve posed the same question to a handful of colleagues and on my social media channels: If you needed a logo or website, what would hold you back from working with a professional graphic/web designer? Responses varied but one theme stayed true: The unknown is a bit intimidating.

We’ve all been there and needed a plumber, electrician or HVAC professional, often in emergency situations. Of course, you could attempt to make repairs on your own or have your friends help, but it probably wouldn’t turn out so great. So why wouldn’t you hire a professional for logo or website design?

Here are some of the most common questions & concerns I hear:

Having a professional logo or website designed is going to break the bank.

Breaking the bank is all relative, I suppose. As a start-up or small business, you should definitely have some budget built in for marketing expenses, including branding and website development. As I suggest with many things, ask around and get second and third estimates. Finding a good fit, both personality and price-wise, is always important when working with a professional contractor.

Keep in mind, too, that having your son’s friend’s girlfriend design a logo or website may be cost-effective in the short-term, but you may be looking at more costs in the long-term if the files were not created in the correct manner.

Once a logo is finalized, the designer still owns the artwork.

I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t say, either way, who officially “owns” logo artwork, unless specified in a contract. But I do know that any logos I design are handed over, no questions asked, to my clients. My clients receive all the files they need should they want to make any future changes (though, I’d recommend consulting with a professional before going change-crazy). There’s no reason for me to retain ownership of a logo design, as the purpose was for my client to use as they please.

When a website is finished, the designer/developer can maintain complete control and even refuse to hand over credentials to the client.

Sure, that can happen, but that’s definitely not in my best interest or part of my business practice. In fact, I prefer my clients to have ownership of their domain and hosting so that they can have access at any time. I’ll even provide some basic training guides for website clients who request to update the website on their own moving forward. Of course, I recommend investing in some professional maintenance plans, but I do want my clients to be self-sufficient too.

The logo or website design process takes a long time.

That all depends on wants, needs and expectations. These will be things we discuss on the front-end, and we’ll settle on realistic expectations for all parties involved. The logo and website design process is very two-sided, with each party expected to fulfill commitments. Timeline depends heavily on those commitments and meeting deadlines. So, let’s work together to get it done!

Website designers won’t help refresh an old website but, instead, insist on building a whole new website.

Again, this depends. Technology evolves rapidly and if the old website is stuck in 2007, using old technology, it’ll likely be more cost-effective to actually build a new website. If a website has been well maintained over the last 5-or-so years, a little refresh is definitely in the cards!

Are there any questions you want to add for me to answer?

My door is always open and I’m happy to answer questions or walk you through my process.