Sure, 2020 may have sucked. Instead of sulking in disappointment, let’s stand up and raise a big-ass cheers to a life-changing year. Here’s where I’m finding my nuggets of love for 2020, in no particular order:

10. I was given some time to breathe.

In my first blog post, I talked about some of the good things to come from experiencing a global pandemic. Time to slow down and chill-the-fuck-out was an unexpected and welcome change for me, both personally and professionally.

9. People and businesses coming together.

While my business wasn’t hit as hard as many others in our community, it was still nice to work together to come up with creative solutions to help one another. We have some really resilient and kind people in Wellington!

8. Watching natural leaders emerge.

The challenges of 2020 gave opportunity for local business owners, community members, nonprofit directors and government officials to lead in a very different way and in a larger capacity than ever expected. It’s been exciting to watch!

7. The ability to continue to help my clients.

It’s always my priority to help my clients. This rung even more true in 2020. Being able to help carry a load or lend some advice was a true joy for me, even through a difficult year.

6. Finding my “pod.”

Even though my group of friends spent plenty of time apart in 2020, we made our time together that much better. Having a crew of friends through this whole thing, whether to share a quick driveway happy hour or to bounce business ideas off, was such a godsend.

5. Watching my kids figure out remote learning.

While it’s still a challenge, it’s also promising to see my kids growing with technology use and being flexible with ever-changing school plans and technology.

4. Being more present in my home.

Even though I usually work from home normally, 2020 brought my entire family back into the home too. Yes, we fought. Yes, I wanted to pull my hair out. Yes, the kids went to timeout. But we were all navigating the weirdness together, as a unit.

3. Growing my business.

2020 was a banner year of growth for my business. I’m so thankful for the support of my clients and them trusting me to help them navigate such a tough year.

2. Taking a little more time to look at the small picture and be grateful.

This year was tumultuous for so many and I’ve been so grateful for a healthy family, hilarious friends and a thriving business.

1. A change in the way we interact as humans.

Yes, 2020 DEFINITELY changed the way we interact, from virtual meetings to social distancing, but I’m really looking forward to seeing business owners continuing to work together. Schools learning that they have the ability to teach remotely, if needed. People shopping more locally and being more connected to their community. Workplaces being more flexible with remote work situations. Family being the foundation of everything. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see us back to normal, but I do think many benefits came from people being uncomfortable with the newness of a changed world.

Are there any things that came out of 2020 that you’re thankful for? What changes would you like to see go away or stick around?