The Logo Design and Branding Process

Jan 16, 2024 | Blog, Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

You may have launched a new business and you’re looking to build your brand, or you want to rebrand an existing business. Either way, this is one of the most fun & exciting steps, in my opinion, but you’re not sure where to start. In this post, I’ll walk you through what a typical logo design and branding process looks like when you work with me.

Phase 1: Getting Started

You may be just dipping your toes into exploring hiring somebody to create your logo & brand & need some cost information. To get started with any design project, you’ll fill out my estimate request form. This form asks some basic technical questions as well as some questions about the wants and needs of your new brand. This helps guide me in putting together an accurate estimate while keeping your needs in mind. Once I receive your information, I will reach out with more questions, if needed, and formulate an estimate for you.

Once you approve your estimate, you’ll receive a contract and initial payment information. Alongside the contract, you’ll receive some more clear next steps and a proposed timeline for the project.

Phase 2: Information Collection

One of the key phases in the branding process is research and information gathering. What styles do you like? Why styles do you hate? Who are your competitors and your target audience? During this phase, I’ll research and sketch – then sketch some more.

Phase 3: Design

In this phase, I will build out dozens of different design options and layouts. This phase usually takes the longest as the ideas flow onto paper, then onto the computer. At the end of this process, I will put together and present 3 polished ideas with iconography and secondary options.

Phase 4: Review

In this phase, I will present the 3 brand boards to you via email and you’ll spend some time critiquing. It’s important that you make note of your feelings initially, as well as your feelings upon revisiting your designs multiple times. This round of feedback is the most important and I want you to be honest. Lay it all out there! We won’t land on a product you’re happy with if you aren’t honest.

Phase 5: Finalization

From your feedback in the Review phase, I will create some new drafts for you to review. From here, we’re looking to finalize your branding – from colors, iconography, secondary logo, fonts, etc. This is your time to really polish what we’ve built.

Phase 6: Delivery

Once you’ve chosen your final design, I will put together all the file types, layouts, and formats you should ever need for your logo. You will receive EPS, PDF, TIF, PNG, & JPG files for all of your logo’s iterations, in full-color and one-color spaces. This is everything you need for your logo to be produced in print and web.