The Web Design Process

Jan 16, 2024 | Blog, Website Design

Starting the process of designing your new website can be exciting…and nerve-wracking. You may be apprehensive about what’s next and wondering how to move forward. Whether you’re a brand new business or you’re redeveloping an existing web presence, those are some normal feelings! In this post, I’ll walk through what a typical web design process looks like when you work with me.

Phase 1: Getting Started

You may be just dipping your toes into exploring hiring somebody to redevelop your website & need some cost information. To get started with any web design project, you’ll fill out my estimate request form. This form asks some basic technical questions as well as some questions about wants and needs for a new website. This helps guide me in putting together an accurate estimate while keeping your needs in mind. Once I receive your information, I will reach out with more questions, if needed, and formulate an estimate for you.

Once you approve your estimate, you’ll receive a contract and initial payment information. Alongside the contract, you’ll receive some more clear next steps and a proposed timeline for the project.

Phase 2: Information Collection

One of the key phases in the website development process is content and information collection. During this phase, I’ll request ALL the content, photos, logos, branding & anything else I need to get started on your website. I request that all content is provided before we begin the development process.

Phase 3: Design

In this phase, I will build out the framework of your website and a homepage draft for review. You’ll review your new homepage for general design and layout. Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your homepage, I’ll move on to the design of the entire website.

Phase 4: Review

Once I’ve built your whole website, I’ll hand it over to you and your team for a thorough review and critique. In this phase, you will take 3-4 days to review and make notes of your website. This is not the time to redesign the website, as we solidified that in Phase 2, but this is the time to make any changes to text or images on the site. Once you have your initial review gathered, I’ll have you send it to me in one electronic document. You will have 2 opportunities to send feedback during this phase.

Phase 5: Launch

Once you’ve signed off on your final website, I’ll get it launched! During the launch process, it’s important that you’re available to address any needs I may have. Depending on the existing set-up of your website, I may need you available for two-factor authentication or general questions. Once the website has launched, I will run a number of tests on mobility, form function, cookies, and general usability. I will also get your Google Analytics, Search Console, & SSL set up.

Phase 6: Support and Maintenance

While I don’t require my clients to sign up for a maintenance plan, I HIGHLY recommend it. You’ve just invested time and money into your business with a new website – you should protect it!