Why Are Reviews Important?

Mar 31, 2021 | Blog, How To, Website Design

Chances are, you’ve been asked to leave a review for a business you’ve visited. Sure, reviews can help you voice your frustrations or satisfactions, but how are they helping, or hurting, the business you’re reviewing? These simple reviews are more important than you think. Here are a few reasons why reviews are critical for businesses, especially in these times of digital engagement:


Before we get to the heart of the matter… Let’s talk about SEO. I know, I know. We are all constantly asking ourselves what Search Engine Optimization means (and why the hell does it keep changing??). Well, reviews are one of the things that always affects your SEO–for better or for worse. 

Whenever someone searches for services or products you offer, search engine bots crawl through the interwebs to find businesses that would best meet the search needs. Most people, on average, only shop the first 3-5 businesses suggested and 90% of them WILL read the reviews, so you wanna come up at least on the first page of recommendations. Positive reviews are and have always been one of the top credentials that help pull your business to the forefront of the list.

Decision Making 

For NEW or potential customers reached through visibility, online reviews are like letting them peep through the window to see if they would like to interact with your business. In a world of online fraud and limited word of mouth, this is your chance to let them know you are a real business with great products and services. 

Since other competitors will pop up in their search recommendations, customers use reviews to weigh their options. The core of marketing is showcasing what sets you apart from other businesses. Having these reviews are what proves that you are a credible service provider worthy of their time and energy. 


Let’s think about it this way: you are in the business of serving your customers! As people, we are social creatures that are constantly looking for ways to express emotion to our community–locally or online. Reviews are a wonderful tool your customers can utilize to let their voices be heard. It’s word-of-mouth in the digital age and brings benefits galore. 

Here are a few ways that you can leverage customer connection: 

  1. Having a positive customer review is like a love letter that you get to showcase publicly. Outside positive reinforcement is a high you can’t create on your own. (Let your employees see the kind words and I bet they’ll be walking on clouds the rest of the day, greeting customers with a smile on their face.)
  2. Negative reviews are an opportunity to exercise self-restraint and a silver-lining mentality (to put it nicely). But there are ways that you can redeem your professional image as you respond with superb, calm customer service. Look at it as a growth opportunity and analyze which areas your business could improve. 
  3. Reviews let you know which direction your business is heading and what kind of services you’re appreciated for. In decision making, it’s a no-brainer to listen to what your customers like and keep those services going or ways to improve those products. 
BONUS: How can I ask for customer reviews?

Just ask! 

Sometimes people don’t think about leaving reviews–and that’s okay! This is a wonderful way for your business to reach out and let your customers know you appreciate their opinion. 

Asking for reviews can be as simple as a handwritten note in your packaging or a QR code placed at your table. If sending an email, provide a link for them to follow and leave their review. Make it easy for them! Allow them to open up and you may be surprised at their response. 

That being said, now’s the time where I ask for a review. If you’ve ever worked with me, I’d love to hear about your experience. Leave your review for M Rock Creative today.